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Corporate  Philosophy & Business Concept

Availability of reliable, abundant & affordable energy is of utmost importance for economic and social well being of humans. At the same time, we must realize that the resources bestowed upon our planet are finite and it is upto us to ensure that while satisfying our need for energy, we maximize the resource potential of existing known resources so that they last longer, and find newer sources of energy which are not exhaustible. Coupled to this quest of ensuring reliable, abundant & affordable energy is the concern of impact on the ecology. Unless we manage all the environmental concerns effectively, our efforts to achieve our goals would lead to an unsustainable & unlivable future.

Encare, aims to address this issue of providing reliable, abundant & affordable energy with minimal impact on the environment. For this, it is critical to understand and appreciate that the objective will be achieved by evaluating the entire value chain of energy, including energy acquisition, energy storage, energy conversion & energy delivery to the consumer. To achieve our goals, we at Encare, believe that the future energy delivery system must be:


  • Flexible, to efficiently adapt to demand changes

  • Smart, to closely match supply to demand to minimize wastages

  • Capable of effectively integrating renewable energy sources with their associated variability concerns

  • Capable of withstanding natural calamities & ensuring 24x7 reliability

  • Capable of providing energy security & price stability to consumers over the long term

We, at Encare, strongly believe that an energy value chain with a distributed energy infrastructure will assist in the developing an energy delivery system, which addresses the requirements of the future. Coupled with advances in energy technology, we intend to create a platform for systems where multiple distributed energy technologies combine to help optimise energy acquisition, energy conversion, energy storage & energy delivery in a reliable, efficient & affordable manner.

With this belief, Encare envisions to become a gloablly accliamed unique end-to-end energy solutions provider by leveraging technological advancements and managing energy supply & demand in a reliable, efficient & affordable manner.

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