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Products : Electricity Utilisation

: 0.75 kW to 450 kW

: 415 V

: Double Mechanical Seal

: Yes

: 50 Hz

: 2 / 4 / 6 / 8

: 68

: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron,             St. Steel, Ni-Resist

: AISI 410, AISI 316 or               Duplex St. Steel

: AISI 316 or Duplex St. Steel

Submersible IP68 dry type squirrel cage induction motors for pumps, jet aerators, and mixers used for water and wastewater treatment. The motors are fully compatible to be operated on a variable frequency drive (VFD). We offer one of widest options for material of construction of the motors from cast iron to super duplex stainless steel. The motors are fully tested as per relevant IEC standards in our factory prior to dispatch. Based on OEM requirements, we modify the shaft end design to suit the required hydraulics for pumps & jet aerators, and for the rotor in case of mixers. 



Power Rating



VFD Design



IP Class

Material Of Construction:

Cast Parts



​Unique Features:

  • Unique double chamber design for ease of cable fitment or replacement

  • Motor ratings specially designed to your nearest power requirement

  • Side entry cable prevents bending

  • Wide option of material of construction including stainless steels and duplex stainless steels

  • User-friendly top cover design for ease of cable fitment /replacement

  • Scientifically designed in-built hook arrangement for self­balancing

  • Rigid shaft design, utilizing higher size bearing

  • Use of standard design mechanical seals of globally reputed makes, for easy availability

  • Patented reverse rotation prevention

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